3-day All Highlights Join-in Shore Excursion with Faberge Museum

395 USD
23 hrs
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3-day All Highlights Join-in Shore Excursion with Faberge Museum

Our most popular 3-day tour with the best highlights included is also available as a Join-in Group Tour! The program features guided tours of the Hermitage museum, Catherine's palace in Tsarskoye Selo, Peterhof Grand Palace & park, Church on the Spilled Blood, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral, a Canal boat tour and of course, the Yusupov Palace.  No Russain Visa required!

Maximum group size: 16 passengers
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  • Panoramic City Tour
  • Hermitage Museum
  • Peterhof Park
  • Small Palaces of Peterhoff
  • Catherine's palace (Amber Room) & Park
  • Peter and Paul Fortress & Cathedral
  • Church on the Spilled Blood
  • Rivers & Canals Boat tour
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Alexander Nevsky Monastery
  • Yusupov Palace
  • Faberge Museum
  • Metro (subway) Tour
  • 3 Delicious Russian Lunches**
  • Visa-Free Paperwork

See as many highlights as one can cover within a short period: Aurora cruiser, the first house of St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, numerous rivers and bridges, Kazan Cathedral, Admiralty, Palace Square and the Hermitage museum, the Bronze Horseman monument to Peter the Great, Palace Bridge, St. Nicholas Cathedral, University Embankment with its historical buildings: Kunstkammer, the Academy of Sciences, and Saint Petersburg State University, Menshikov Palace, the Square of Arts with Michael's Palace, the Mosque, the Smolny Convent, the Taurida Palace, the Foundry Prospect with the "Big House" (the KGB headquarters) and many more!

Please note that depending on the time allowed, not all sights might be included!
2+ hrs (depending on occasion)

Hermitage is one of the largest museums in the world. But it is also a magnificent Royal palace with stunning rooms and unbelievable views. The collection began as the project of Catherine the Great in 1764. Now ist's the temple of art, where you can see the works of Raphael, Titian, Rembrant, de Goya, and many other prominent painters from all over the world. Treat yourself with a grand exploration of the most amazing masterpieces of the European Art, including the French Impressionists, and marvel at the fantastic interiors of the Tsar's Winter Residence - the Winter Palace.

2 hrs (or more if time permits)

A relaxing walk in Peterhof Lower Gardens with a scenic view of hundreds of fountains. It's a real engineering masterpiece with no pumps, but with a unique location, selected specially to make this miracle happen. The force of gravity provides all the strength and the power of the fountains. A great photo opportunity for keen photographers. Take some time to see the surrounding gardens and Peter's villa Monplaisir. Unfortunately, in winter, the fountains are turned off, and wooden boxes cover the garden statues.

1-3 hrs

The grounds of Peterhoff have numerous small palaces. Used as private retreats or alternative summer residences, each little house has the unforgettable charm and cosines, which you'll never find in the grand palace.

1 hour

This guided tour includes Catherine's palace tour with the world's famous Amber Room and the peaceful gardens with multiple photo opportunities. Catherine's Palace and the surrounding parks were created by Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great, which is why Pushkin was formerly known as 'village of the tsar's' (Tsarskoe Selo). The Palace, with its famous Amber Room, is an impressive post-WWII reconstruction. The adjoining Cameron Gallery has a magnificent view of the park and the Agate Room. The gardens of Catherine Park, which are spectacular in the snow, are dotted with unusual buildings, including a Chinese village.

Closed Tuesdays and the last Monday of the month.
2 hrs

This fortress, built to deflect Swedish raids, was the city's very first structure. While the view from the fortress ramparts is fantastic, the main attraction is Trezzini's Peter and Paul Cathedral, built in 1712. Almost all Romanov tsars, including Nicholas II, are buried here. There are several other museums scattered around the fortress grounds, like the political prison museum or St. Petersburg history exhibition, and you can buy a special day ticket which enables access to all.

1 hr

The symbol of Saint Petersburg - onion-domed cathedral that stands out from the neo-classical surroundings of the city center. The church is decorated with lots of mosaics inside and outside, and the domes are covered with colorful enamels. The church was built on the very place where Tsar Alexander II was mortally wounded in 1881.

Closed Wednesdays.
15-30 min

By day or by night, the most spectacular view of St. Petersburg can be seen from the water. The unforgettable panoramas of the Hermitage, squares, and embankments. Built over 42 islands, Saint Petersburg is surrounded by water and interlaced with a complex web of rivers and canals. They seem to bind the city together, while also marking the borders of its different districts and neighborhoods. The slow ride by Nikolsky cathedral belltower, or through the tunnels of the wide bridges, or under the glass walkway of Mariinsky theater, where the light is barely seen on the other side, is an experience you'll never forget. St. Petersburg's architecture means that magnificent vistas of the city are often visible from the water. Therefore an essential part of any exploration of the city is to get out in a boat and cruise the rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg.

1 hr

This spectacular cathedral was inspired by the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome. It is one of the city's most majestic structures. It was built from 1801 to 1811 to house the miracle-working Icon of the Virgin Mary, called our Lady of Kazan. The construction was completed shortly before the war with Napoleon; thus, it became the memorial to Russian victory in this war. The cathedral houses the banners of the defeated regiments as well as the keys to the towns conquered. The grave of Russain greatest field marshal Kutuzov is also located inside.

Kazan Cathedral is the main church of the city. Services daily. 

10-20 min (if you go inside)

St. Isaac's Cathedral is dedicated to Peter the Great's favorite saint. It is the largest cathedral in Russia and ranks among the largest basilicas of the world. It was built between 1818 and 1858, by the French-born architect Auguste Montferrand, to be one of the most impressive landmarks of the Russian Imperial capital. It's not only the remarkable structure but also the collection of the greatest engineering innovations. One hundred and eighty years later, the gilded dome of St. Isaac's still dominates the skyline of St. Petersburg. Although the cathedral is considerably smaller than the newly rebuilt Church of Christ the Savior in Moscow, it boasts much more impressive fades and interiors.

30 min

The Alexandro-Nevsky monastery has some of the oldest churches in the city. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1710 to commemorate duke Alexander Nevsky - the prominent Russian political and military leader of the 13th century. This orthodox monastery is the most important in Saint Petersburg. The Holy Trinity Cathedral, the main church of the complex, is worth the visit. The unique part of the monastery is the cemeteries where you can see the graves of Russia's most celebrated composers and writers, including Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Dostoyevsky

Orthodox services are offered in the main church daily.
30 min (if you go inside)

The wealthy Yusupov family purchased this palace in 1830, and since then, it was the main house for the family. A special wing was built to house their art collection. It also was the scene of the grizzly murder of the sleazy Siberian peasant Rasputin, who was exercising too much influence over the royal family for Felix Yusupov's liking. There is a Rasputin tour, and you can see where Felix and his entourage tried to poison and shoot Rasputin in the cellar in 1916 before they beat him and chucked him into the river, where he finally died.

1 hr

Explore the magnificent collections of the newly opened Faberge Museum - a unique private collection of Faberge eggs and Jewelry in Russia and the world. Boasting over 4,000 items beautifully displayed in an unrivaled Shuvalov Palace, this museum will surely be on top of your Favorite's list. The museum also features a collection of paintings, statuettes, applied art.

1,5 hrs

Go underground and enjoy seeing palaces built for regular people - this is how amazing Subway Stations are in St Petersburg. Chrystal chandeliers, bronze works, marble flooring, amazing sculptures, and mosaics. Why visit another palace? The first stations were opened in 1955, the newest ones open every year, still vibrant and impressive.

20-40 min (as a part of commute)

Enjoy three delicious lunches at local Russian Restaurants. A typical lunch includes a salad, a cup of soup, a main course, and dessert. Vegetarian & gluten-free options are available upon request. Children under 7 (who travel free of charge) do not get an individual meal. It must be ordered separately. Please contact your manager.

Join-in Group tours: included for groups of any size
Private tours: available as an option

1 hr

Visa-Free paperwork is complimentary and included in your tour package. Don't forget to provide us with your passport details in a timely manner.

When booking, please have the following details ready for each participant:
1) Name as in Passport
2) Passport Number
3) Date of Birth
4) Citizenship

valid for up to 72 hrs

Detailed Program

Time Description
Day 1: 09:00 - 17:00 (Actual tour order will be adjusted to the day of the week)
09:00 - 09:15 Meet your guide and driver by the ship.
09:15 - 13:00 Start City Overview Tour with multiple photo stops. Guided tours of Peter and Paul Fortress. Visit Farmer's market.  Make lots of picturesque stops for photos!

Drive past Smolny Convent &Cathedral. Drive by Alexander Nevsky Lavra.
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch at a local restaurant.
13:30 - 14:30 Depart to Tsarskoye Selo.
14:00 - 16:00 Guided tour of Catherine's palace with Amber Room, and park.
16:00 - 17:00 Drive back to the city. Subway tour on the way. 
17:00 Return back to the ship.
Day 2: 09:00 - 17:00 (Actual tour order will be adjusted to the day of the week)
09:00 Meet your guide and driver by the ship.
09:10 - 10:00 Depart to Peterhof, the kingdom of fountains.
10:00 - 11:00 Guided tour of one of small palaces of Peterhof - Monplaisir Palace or Marly Palace.
11:00 - 12:30     Guided tour of the Lower Gardens of Peterhof.
12:30 - 13:10 Return back to St. Petersburg.
13:10 - 14:10 Lunch at a local restaurant.
14:20 - 14:45  Guided tour of the Church on the Spilled Blood.
15:00 - 16:30 Guided tour of Faberge Museum (group tour in English or self-exploration with an audio-guide; private tour depends on museum availability and size of the group).
17:00 Return back to the ship.
Day 3: 09:00 - 16:00 (Actual tour order will be adjusted to the day of the week)
09:00 Meet your guide and driver by the ship.
10:00 - 13:00 Guided tour of the Hermitage Museum with Special Early Admission.
13:00 - 14:00    Lunch at a local restaurant.
14:00 - 15:00 Guided tour of the Yusupov Palace, learn the story of Rasputin.
15:15 - 15:30  Guided tour of St. Isaac's cathedral.
16:00 Return back to the ship.
Book this tour
($ 85)
  • English-speaking tour guide 
  • Private driver
  • Private A/C vehicle
  • All admissions as per program
  • 1 Bottle of water pp per day
  • Visa-free paperwork
  • Radio-headsets for groups 7+
  • Welcome gift for adults
  • Activity kit for kids
  • Port fees & taxes
  • Ponchos (when raining)
  • 3 Lunches at local restaurants 
  • Smiles and positive experience
NOT suitable for people with limited walking ability and wheelchair users.

*In case of weather conditions not permitting hydrofoil ride, the group will return by private vehicle. No refunds.

To make your experience as smooth as possible we highly discourage the following clients from participating in this tour due to high program intensity:

  • Wheelchair/walker/scooter users
  • People who need walking assistance

Children 0 - 6 y.o.  =  FREE
Students 7 - 17 y.o. = 50 USD OFF

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