Museum "House upside down" in Saint-Petersburg has updated its collection and interiors.. 
Now the space on Nevsky prospect, 5, consists of eight locations: living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, children's rooms, a corridor and a bedroom.

The total area of the museum is over 100 square meters; designer furniture, a luminous panel, a telescope, a bike and other interior items are displayed on the premises.


Moscow Maslenitsa Festival, which will be held from March 1 to 10, will include about 350 concerts and performances. Held at 15 different venues throughout the city, these will be shown on the stages located on Ploschad' Slavy, Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard and Orekhovy Boulevard, on Mitinskaya, Khachaturian, Novopeschanaya, Yartsevskaya, Gorodetskaya, Profsoyuznaya streets, on Ploschad' Revolyutsii. The festival program includes costumed shows, performances by folklore groups, as well as interactive productions with the participation of heroes of favorite fairy tales. 
The organizers of the festival also plan to bake more than 210 types of pancakes. These will include traditional for Russia sweet & sour pancakes, but also Arabic kataef pancakes, Swedish ragmurk - potato pancakes, and thick Belarusian pancakes with chachohi stuffing. On Manezhnaya Square, curry pancakes, burger pancakes, spinach and beet pancakes, as well as pancakes with ice cream and cookies will be cooked.In addition, guests of the Moscow Maslenitsa Festival will be taught how to bake healthy pancakes on their own.


On Admiralteysky Prospekt, 6, in Saint-Petersburg, a large-scale institution of Russian cuisine, combining a classic restaurant and a spacious tapas bar has been opened. 
In the buffet area, the chef offers Russian-styled tapas: Herring on rye bread, several types of caviar, four types of pancakes, Far Eastern oysters, crabs and so on. The à la carte menu contains traditional Russian dishes, including holodets, sterlet fillet, dumplings, classic soups and hot dishes. Among the latter are Beef Stroganoff with nutmeg and even calf kidneys a-la russe with pickles. The bar chart contains more than 15 types of vodka, homemade liqueurs and a selection of wines.


On March, 2nd, St. Petersburg's exhibition hall "Manej" on St. Isaac's Square will host an exhibition of contemporary artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg named "Beauty +/-". The exhibition was organized together with the “Free Artists of St. Petersburg” project, the curator of which is Alexander Borovsky. Over 200 works in different genres will be presented to visitors: painting, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, photography. "Manej" will exhibit works of classics such as Andrei Mylnikov, Yevsey Moiseenko and younger artists: Kirill Koteshov, Frol Ivanov, Dmitry Margolin and others.Works for the exhibition are presented by the Russian Museum, and other museums & collections.


The event will be held on July 20 in the river port of Moscow and will last all night. The participants of the journey through the reservoirs will get to the mysterious Terra Incognita on an improvised Noah's ark.

The musical program will take place on four stages at once, three of which will be on the water, - on each ship they a separate project of the participating label will be presented. The festival involves a dress code: in addition to clothes based on the play “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, participants can come up with costumes on the theme of the Noah's Ark myth.


Eat Market plans to open seven healthy food courts in Moscow later this year.

Five more markets will be built by 2020.

Summing up with 12 thousand square meters as an area, new spaces will appear on the territory of existing shopping centers and business parks. So far, the company has announced opening in Factoriya business park and Oceania shopping center this spring. Another food hall will be launched in August in the Smolensky Passage 2 complex. 

The first Eat Market was opened in November 2018 on the territory of the Krasnaya Roza business quarter in Khamovniki. Inside there are 20 corners and 220 seats for the visitors. 


The Russian premiere of the musical thriller Vox Lux with Natalie Portman and Jude Law will take place on March 4th at the Gogol Center in Moscow. 

The film tells about the girl Celeste, who survived a shooting at her school, wrote a song about it and became famous, but after 18 years her career started to decline due to alcohol and drugs.

Soundtrack for the film written by the Sia, and performed by Portman herself, were nominated for the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2018.

The tickets can be bought on the Gogol Center's website. 


About 90 cm of snow fell in St. Petersburg in January, and since the beginning of snowfall the height of the snow cover has already reached 1.3 m. 

During the last weekend of January, 134.000 m3 of snow were removed from the streets of St. Petersburg, and about 4.500 tons of sand-salt mixture and 50 tons of granite chips have been used - these are the largest numbers for this winter season. 

It is though important that the officials have nearly cleaned the city until the 1st of February, and the weather is now much better, as it is not freezingly cold and it doesn't snow anymore.


Kuindzhi’s kidnapped painting “Ai-Petri. Crimea” was returned to the exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery. 

The picture was placed under a special glass with alarm in a new place, which is better viewed from CCTV cameras. 

In addition, Tretyakovskaya Gallery's officer, who was on duty during  the theft of the canvas, was dismissed. 

Kuindzhi's painting was stolen on the evening of January 27th in Moscow. It's been a major news story during the last week of January for many publishers and in social media. On January, 28th, the criminal was detained by Russian officers, and the painting was returned to the museum. 


Aviasales analyzed bookings in Russian hotels during this winter. It turns out that the most expensive hotel in Russia is “Taleon Imperial”, it is located in St. Petersburg. 

A night in a suite here costs 700 thousand rubles, or nearly 10.700 USD. The hotel is located in Chicherin's palace at the intersection of Nevsky Prospekt and the Moika River Embankment. 

The price includes a 24/7 butler service, access to the spa, as well as breakfast with caviar and champagne in a "quiet and peaceful atmosphere." The suite is 240 sq. metres, has high ceilings, antique furniture, and a queen-size bed.


HSE Art Gallery will host an exhibition of the new project of the Krasnodar art group "ZIP". The project named "Midnight" is devoted to three social systems - capitalism, socialism and communism. Exclusively for this exhibition the gallery will create an installation and a project hall. The redesign will be done together by the art group and the students of the Higher School of Economics Design School. For  the first time in Moscow  ZIP will present their early works. 

In addition, during the exhibition, the art group will present several master classes. The exhibition will open on January 30 and will last until February 24. Detailed schedule can be found on the gallery's website.


Anna Nova gallery on Zhukovsky Street, 28 in Saint-Petersburg has opened an exhibition named Ákkta by Egor Kraft, an interdisciplinary artist.  The exhibition occupies two floors, it will work until February 2. Visitors will be able to see both known and new works of the artist: the film named Air Kiss, the Kickback intervention, the installation called Now Is Just Right Now and other works. Admission is free, more information is presented on the gallery's website.

Egor Kraft was born in Leningrad (Soviet name of St. Petersburg) in 1986. The artist participated in many international festivals and exhibitions, his works combining elements of media, critical research and philosophy. In 2017, Calvert, a British magazine, included Kraft in the list of people influencing our world today.


On Nevsky Prospect, 29 (vis-a-vis the Nevsky Prospect metro station), Krupskaya Factory's flagship store was opened. The shop began operating at the end of December 2018. 

The area of the store is 75 square meters, it became the tenth point of the network under the brand name “Fabrika Imeni Krupskoy” in St. Petersburg. “Fabrika Imeni Krupskoy” was founded in 1938 and is being considered the main confectioner of sweet delicacies in Saint-Petersburg. In 2017, the historical buildings of the enterprise were demolished.


TravelSupermarket has published a Top-100 Cities In The World For a Healthy Holiday list. It includes St.Petersburg and Moscow!

The compilers of the list took into account several factors, including the number of sunny days, the number of parks and fitness centers, as well as health food stores in the city. As a result, the rating was headed by Paris. The top five also includes Thailand's Chiang Mai and Pattaya resorts, Vancouver in Canada, and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. Moscow was placed 34th, and St.Petersburg - 72nd. Russian cities outscored such important travel landmarks as Melbourne, Sydney and Venice.


Nelli Nedre, St.Petersburg-based designer of her own brand, named NNedre, and students from the OM school of skills, have created a collaborative collection of clothes. It includes sweatshirts, T-shirts, dresses and other products. 

"Kids have invented all the clothes themselves, and the team of our brand helped them in implementing their ideas,” NNedre representatives said. Clothes from the collaboration can be purchased at the NNedre's store in St. Petersburg (Baskov Lane, 29). Raised money will be transferred to the “Special Friend” fund, which helps injured and sick dogs.

In the autumn of 2018 NNedre together Noplasticitsfantastic (a local environmental project), released reusable eco-bags and shopper bags made from remainings of fabrics used in clothing production.


The festival of short films named "Nordic Shorts" will be held in the Moscow Center for Documentary Cinema and St. Petersburg's cinema "Rodina".The program of the event includes five fiction and one documentary film from the Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. All of the films were presented at the largest international film festivals. Among the participants there is “Kayani” by Finnish Michael Marignac about his brother and sister, who are returning from France to Finland to meet with his father, obsessed with ideas about UFOs, as well as “Tiger” - a film about growing up by Mikko Millillahti. Viewers will see a black humour comedy named "Swedish Classic" and the a noir movie by a Norwegian director named "The Watcher." In addition, the festival will showcase "Juck", a movie by Ulrika Bandeira, Julia Humpert and Olivia Castebing. 

Shows will begin on January 17th and will run until April 15th. Tickets will be available on cinema websites.


The exhibition of Japanese artist and singer Yoko Ono will be held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) in the autumn of 2019. The exhibition was named “The Sky Is Always Clear”, it will be held from October 1 to November 24 as part of the XIV International Festival-School of Contemporary Art “Territory”.

This exhibition will reveal the main elements of Yoko Ono's artistic practices and will tell, how the artist answered the question about the meaning of art and its political and social engagement. The central element of the exhibition will be the "Instructions", a series of her works, the first of which appeared in the 1960s.


On December 16, the Gazprom-Arena football stadium on Krestovsky Island hosted a hockey match between the national hockey teams of Russia and Finland. 

Attendance of the game was about 81 thousand spectators, which  broke the Veltins-Arena record in Gelsenkirchen, Germany where the hockey game between national teams of Germany and the United States at this stadium was visited by 77.8 thousand spectators.Earlier, Nikolai Egorenko, technical director of the stadium on Krestovsky Island, said that the authorities of the stadium used cocktail ice to prepare the arena for the match. The frozen granules were put in the hockey box and filled with water


St. Petersburg's authorities are nearly done with the Christmas decorations for this holiday season. Last Sunday, works were completed on the Palace Square.The installation of the main Christmas tree of the city began on December 10. The lights on the tree are now lit, a couple of decorated light installations are also installed near the Winter Palace.
The official opening of the Holiday Season will be held on the Palace Square on December, 22, when Ded Moroz, the Russian Santa Claus, comes to the city from his residence in Velikiy Ustuyg.


On December 22, an ice skating rink will be opened in the Sevcable Port space on Vasilievsky Island. Its area will be around 1000 square meters. 
Working daily from 11:00 to 23:00, this will be the third large ice-skating rink in the city center. Music on the rink will be set by a St. Petersburg music group Roots United, which also is the organizer of the Present Perfect festival. 
Prices per hour will range from 100 to 400 rubles.
Earlier, public skating rinks were opened in DLT department store and on the New Holland Island.

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