On Nevsky Prospect, 29 (vis-a-vis the Nevsky Prospect metro station), Krupskaya Factory's flagship store was opened. The shop began operating at the end of December 2018. 

The area of the store is 75 square meters, it became the tenth point of the network under the brand name “Fabrika Imeni Krupskoy” in St. Petersburg. “Fabrika Imeni Krupskoy” was founded in 1938 and is being considered the main confectioner of sweet delicacies in Saint-Petersburg. In 2017, the historical buildings of the enterprise were demolished.


TravelSupermarket has published a Top-100 Cities In The World For a Healthy Holiday list. It includes St.Petersburg and Moscow!

The compilers of the list took into account several factors, including the number of sunny days, the number of parks and fitness centers, as well as health food stores in the city. As a result, the rating was headed by Paris. The top five also includes Thailand's Chiang Mai and Pattaya resorts, Vancouver in Canada, and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona. Moscow was placed 34th, and St.Petersburg - 72nd. Russian cities outscored such important travel landmarks as Melbourne, Sydney and Venice.


Nelli Nedre, St.Petersburg-based designer of her own brand, named NNedre, and students from the OM school of skills, have created a collaborative collection of clothes. It includes sweatshirts, T-shirts, dresses and other products. 

"Kids have invented all the clothes themselves, and the team of our brand helped them in implementing their ideas,” NNedre representatives said. Clothes from the collaboration can be purchased at the NNedre's store in St. Petersburg (Baskov Lane, 29). Raised money will be transferred to the “Special Friend” fund, which helps injured and sick dogs.

In the autumn of 2018 NNedre together Noplasticitsfantastic (a local environmental project), released reusable eco-bags and shopper bags made from remainings of fabrics used in clothing production.


The festival of short films named "Nordic Shorts" will be held in the Moscow Center for Documentary Cinema and St. Petersburg's cinema "Rodina".The program of the event includes five fiction and one documentary film from the Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. All of the films were presented at the largest international film festivals. Among the participants there is “Kayani” by Finnish Michael Marignac about his brother and sister, who are returning from France to Finland to meet with his father, obsessed with ideas about UFOs, as well as “Tiger” - a film about growing up by Mikko Millillahti. Viewers will see a black humour comedy named "Swedish Classic" and the a noir movie by a Norwegian director named "The Watcher." In addition, the festival will showcase "Juck", a movie by Ulrika Bandeira, Julia Humpert and Olivia Castebing. 

Shows will begin on January 17th and will run until April 15th. Tickets will be available on cinema websites.


The exhibition of Japanese artist and singer Yoko Ono will be held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) in the autumn of 2019. The exhibition was named “The Sky Is Always Clear”, it will be held from October 1 to November 24 as part of the XIV International Festival-School of Contemporary Art “Territory”.

This exhibition will reveal the main elements of Yoko Ono's artistic practices and will tell, how the artist answered the question about the meaning of art and its political and social engagement. The central element of the exhibition will be the "Instructions", a series of her works, the first of which appeared in the 1960s.


On December 16, the Gazprom-Arena football stadium on Krestovsky Island hosted a hockey match between the national hockey teams of Russia and Finland. 

Attendance of the game was about 81 thousand spectators, which  broke the Veltins-Arena record in Gelsenkirchen, Germany where the hockey game between national teams of Germany and the United States at this stadium was visited by 77.8 thousand spectators.Earlier, Nikolai Egorenko, technical director of the stadium on Krestovsky Island, said that the authorities of the stadium used cocktail ice to prepare the arena for the match. The frozen granules were put in the hockey box and filled with water


St. Petersburg's authorities are nearly done with the Christmas decorations for this holiday season. Last Sunday, works were completed on the Palace Square.The installation of the main Christmas tree of the city began on December 10. The lights on the tree are now lit, a couple of decorated light installations are also installed near the Winter Palace.
The official opening of the Holiday Season will be held on the Palace Square on December, 22, when Ded Moroz, the Russian Santa Claus, comes to the city from his residence in Velikiy Ustuyg.


On December 22, an ice skating rink will be opened in the Sevcable Port space on Vasilievsky Island. Its area will be around 1000 square meters. 
Working daily from 11:00 to 23:00, this will be the third large ice-skating rink in the city center. Music on the rink will be set by a St. Petersburg music group Roots United, which also is the organizer of the Present Perfect festival. 
Prices per hour will range from 100 to 400 rubles.
Earlier, public skating rinks were opened in DLT department store and on the New Holland Island.


Mariinsky Theatre will host a performance by Sergey Polunin, a worldwide ballet renomee in February 2019.
In the first part of the show, Polunin will perform in a one-act ballet named "Fake Smile" by Ross Freddie Ray to the music of the Polish instrumental ensemble Kroke.
The ballet dancer will also perform a performance named "Sacre", which was set exclusively for him to the music of Igor Stravinsky by a Japanese dancer and choreographer Yuko Oishi. 
At the age of 17, Polunin was admitted to the London Royal Ballet troupe, two years later he became the troupe’s prime minister, but after a few years he left London for Russia. 
Tickets for the show will be available shortly on Mariinsky's web-site.


New Holland Island has announced their events program for the Christmas season.

Traditional Christmas market will be opened on December 25th inside the Bottle building. Among residents are flower  and souvenir shops, book stands and food projects. One of the houses will be occupied by “New Year's Post” - visitors will be able to leave gifts to clients of Nochlezhka, a help center for the homeless, and other charity organizations.

In addition, from December 15 to December 31 a Christmas tree market will be organized on the Island. On December 25th, a drum perfomance is scheduled inside the Bottle House, and on December 31, the Nutcracker ballet performed by the Royal Opera House in London will be broadcasted on the screen of the street stage.
Programs for children include the “Santa Claus workshops” - the masters will teach kids how to mak toys, gifts, garlands, and how to pack all of these during the Christmas season. School of Creative Industries "Mayak" will arrange a series of interactive presentations named "Magic Winter" for children aged 4 to 10.


In December, three new exhibitions will be opened in Erarta Museum of Modern Art on Vasilievsky Island. 

Mikhail Zvyagin's "Black Water", Sergei Kichigin's "Winter Geometry" and Sergey Chechin's "Button and Modernism".

Zvyagin's paintings will be exposed to the public from December 6, Kichigin's (every guest will receive a snowflake photo by Sergei as a gift) - from December 12. On the same day, Andrei Chezhin's exhibition will be opened in Erarta. This artist has created objects and photo collages, in which he imitated the most remarkable techniques of iconic modernist artists. The organizers call this project a “postmodern textbook on modernism.” At the end of November, three more exhibitions were opened in the museum: “White: Catching Evil Beasts” by Alexander Starostin, “Organized optimism” by Alexei Lantsev, a Moscow based artist and “Cube Metamorphoses” by architect Vladimir Antoshchenkov.


In Finnish Vaalimaa, Tzar Outlet Village was opened. It is located 500 meters from the Vaalimaa (Torfyanovka) border checkpoint. The outlet is styled as an Empire-architecture village. There are around 20 stores in the village, offering discounts from 30% to 70% to their customers. In addition, buyers can ask for TAX Free receipts. 

Tzar Outlet Village was opened at the end of November, it includes both Finnish and international brands: Armani, Flavio Castellani, Osprey London.The complex has restaurants serving Asian, Italian and American cuisine. The outlet village is open from 10:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekends. More detailed information is presented on the website of the centre.


St.Petersburg has been awarded "The Best Cultural Destination In The World" prize for the third time in a row.

On December 1st, in Lisbon, the World Travel Awards organization has recognized Russian cultural capital the best cultural destination in the world. In this nomination, St. Petersburg has outscored such cities as Paris, London, Rome, Venice, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Beijing. The city on Neva has already won this award in 2017 and 2016. Being yearly visited by around 9 million tourists, St. Petersburg is recognized as the best European cruise destination, and the best destination to explore European cultural heritage. 

The World Travel Awards committee was established in 1993. Winners are chosen according to several criteria which include quality of service, guest satisfaction, infrastructure development level and security measures taken in the city.


On December 1, for the first time in the history of a department store in Russia, a skating rink will be opened in the atrium on the sixth floor of DLT. The artificial ice-made rink will occupy 400 square meters under the festoons and historical clocks.

During the first week the admission will be free, afterwards one hour of skating will cost 250 rubles. The rink will work daily from 10:30 to 21:30, visitors can bring their own skates or rent them for 200 rubles

The rink will be a part of the DLT’s New Year & Christmas Fair. At the only department store in Saint-Petersburg you will be able to buy handmade Christmas decorations, candles, tableware and gifts for children and adults.


November 30 in St. Petersburg marks the official end of the navigation period. 
The bridges will not be drawn on Neva and Malaya Neva rivers until April. 
However, sometimes bridges can still be drawn if the vessel submits a preliminary application and weather conditions allow. 
On the last day of Autumn Neva river began to freeze, and the sky turned red-pink and golden. 
Locals have also shared many photos of a late sunrise. PC: intsagram @s_and_hat


Being the food of the poor years ago, caviar now is one of the most expensive traditional Russian dishes. A unique show in Saint-Petersburg, and, maybe, even the whole Russia is organised by the Belmont Grand Hotel Europe. During it, a live sturgeon fish is being milked, its eggs are peeled and then fresh black caviar is salted by a professional chef. Then, the caviar is served with blinis (Russian pancakes), sour cream and other sauces. 

Traditional Russian “zastolye” - evening dish - wouldn’t be full without vodka, which is brought to you by the only vodka sommelier in Saint-Petersburg, Alexander Dmitriev. Live music show is also organised.
The show can be organised through ULKOtours. Do not hesitate to contact us!


The Faberge Museum will host an exhibition of works by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The previous exhibition of Kahlo was held in St. Petersburg in 2016 and caused a great interest, being visited by more than 100 thousand people.

The exhibition will begin in March, exhibited in Moscow's "Manege" from January till February. Together with the works by Kahlo, Diego Rivera's paintings will be brought to Saint-Petersburg. Riviera's works haven't been exhibited in St. Petersburg yet.

The exhibition “Viva la Vida. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Paintings and drawings from museum and private collections ” will include almost a hundred exhibits from Mexico, Europe and Latin America. It will also include paintings that will be shown in Russia for the first time.


The exhibition “Unexpected Malevich” was opened in the Mikhailovsky Castle. More than 100 previously not exhibited drawings of the artist will be shown to the public. The works were kept in the archive of Malevich’s student, Anna Leporskaya.

The Russian Museum hosts more than 100 unknown drawings by Malevich. Previously, these works were kept in the private archive of the artist Anna Leporskaya. Together with her husband, Nikolai Suetin, she was a student of Malevich. 

The Russian Museum contains the world's largest collection of Malevich's works (for example, one of the Black Squares). However, they only have 35 graphic works, and none of these was from the early period of Malevich's art. The Russian Museum notes that the drawings are “the most important part of the artist’s heritage”.

From the description of the exhibition: “... a part of the graphic heritage from Anna Leporskaya's archive largely fills the periods not represented in the museum, reverses and changes the image of Malevich that has developed among art lovers. [...] It turns out that in the early years he was engaged in a lot of field studies, made in full accordance with the requirements of drawing schools. ”

The exhibition "Unexpected Malevich" is open in Mikhailovsky Castle on Sadovaya, 2 until January 14. After Petersburg, the organizers of the exhibition will bring it to Moscow


Inside Artplay, a creative cluster on Krasnogvardeyskaya Square, Abramova Gallery has been opened and yesterday, November 20th, it has opened its first exhibition.

Landscape art by eight Russian artists: Alexander Rumyantsev, Victoria Ikonen, Yevgeny Zaremba and other authors will be presented to the visitors of the exhibition named “The Borders of the Landscape”.

“This landscapes have experienced more than one reincarnation, however, despite all the metamorphoses, even today these remain themselves, no matter how unexpected its representations are,” the organizers said.

The exhibition will be opened until December 15, and the admission is free. The gallery is opened to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00. More detailed information is available on the space's website.


Mobile application "Peterburg 24" found out which streets of St. Petersburg can be considered the leaders in city's nightlife.

According to the app founders, the center of nightlife in St. Petersburg is Belinskogo Street: night bars and restaurants are located every 47 meters here.
Rubinshteyna Street is ranked second in the ranking. Here tourists & locals can visit hookah and spirits bars, which can be found every 54 meters.
On Lomonosova Street, party can be organised at every 55 meters. Among shortlisted streets are Malaya Sadovaya Street, Nevsky Prospect, Zhukovskogo Street and the Griboedov Canal Embankment.

"Petersburg 24" was launched a month ago, it can be found on AppStore & Google Play. The app includes a guide to attractions, bars and restaurants, famous houses and nightlife.

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