St. Petersburg-based museum has now been ranked second in the top-10 museums list in our country. It is a great accomplishment for the newest museum on the list - Faberge museum has only been opened 5 years ago.

The project of creating a museum dedicated to the work of the great Russian jeweler Carl Faberge, arose from the cultural and historical Fund "Svjaz Vremen" when Viktor Vekselberg has bought the Faberge collection from Malcolm Forbes. Since then, the Fund has started to form a masterpiece collection of Russian decorative, applied and fine arts, which today includes more than 4000 exhibits.

The greatest value in the collection of the Faberge Museum are the nine Imperial Easter Eggs, created by Faberge himself for the last two Russian emperors. All of them are masterpieces of jewelry art, as well as unique historical pieces of art associated with the reign and personal life of Alexander III and Nicholas II.


In Tsarskoye Selo the reconstruction of the Chapel pavilion which experts call "the most romantic building" in Aleksandrovsky park has been finished. It will be possible to take a closer look at the Gothic chapel starting with September 15. The entrance is going to be free of charge.

In 1828 the Chapel pavilion was built by Adam Menelas. According to his idea, it must have had two towers, the second of which had to be ruined. The interior was decorated by modelled angels and Christ's statue which the empress Maria Fiodorovna had presented to her son, Alexander I.

From 1931 to 1941 the Chapel was inhabited - thanks to Soviet government, it was rebuilt to fit in some apartments. During the WWII the building had antiaircraft guns inside the garret.


From 13th to 16th of September, a documentary film festival will take place om the New Holland Island in St. Petersburg. Center Festival is going to broadcast the movies which are connected to cities & society in Russia. 
The schedule includes such movies as "Posle Leta" (After Summer) by Kirill Serebrennikov, "Sans soleil" by Chris Marker, "Kusama-Infinity" by Heather Lentz and many more. 
All movies shown will be broadcasted in the original language with English or Russian subtitles. 
The entrance is free of charge, however, online registration is required. You can register yourself here


Being a favorite portal among many travelers, Lonely Planet has published a list of the best hidden restaurants in the city on Neva. 

The editors start with Kvartira Kosti Kreutz, a hidden gem on Marata street, just on the corner to Nevsky prospect. A combination of bar, restaurant and a tearoom, it is a perfect location for a dinner with friends and/or family. 

Next on the list is Skotny Dvor - a restaurant with no signs or ads on Konnogvardeysky bul., 21. The seasonal menu here includes a lot of creative dishes, however, the editors insist on trying the desserts. The restaurant often organizes live music evenings and it also has a walled courtyard terrace. 

One more from the list is Solaris Lab - a terrace and a cafe, all in one. Situated on the rooftop of a 19th century building on Pirogova pereulok, 18, it offers a great variety of handmade desserts combined with tea and coffee. The most important part of this place, however, is the miraculous view over the city center - St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Hermitage buildings can be easily seen from this rooftop. 

You can check the full list here.


Our good friend, a traveler and a photographer, Ekaterina Gavrish alongside with other marine yachting photographers, has now exposed her seaside photos to the public in the Peter & Paul fortress in the city center of Saint Petersburg.  

If you are a fan of well-made photos, do not miss the chance to admire them inside the oldest building of our city! 
The exhibition also includes a historical part, which is consecrated to the 300-year jubilee of marine yachting in Russia. Historical pieces of art are being exposed in the Naryshkin bastion until 17th of September. This part of exhibition includes gravures, trophies, flags, Olympic medals and other objects from private collections. 
The entrance is free of charge. 

Yacht & marina photos will be exposed in the fortress for one more day, afterwards they will move to Expoforum congress hall. 


This Saturday, on 8th of September, 2018, St. Petersburg citizens are going to comemorate the victims of Leningrad siege. Those 900 days and nights full of fear and pain have taken at least one person from each family in the city on Neva. 
During the World War II Leningrad has suffered a lot from the German army, however, it has never been taken by the nazis. 
The siege has started on 8th of September, 1941 and has only ended in 1943. 

The comemoration action is going to take place all around city center, and it will include reading out loud of the names of 1 million victims of the siege. 
This event is being organized by a famous St. Petersburg historian, Lev Lurie and his team.


In St. Petersburg the building of the Main Treasury inside the Peter and Paul Fortress is going to be restored. 
This monument of architecture was built in 1837 by architect Ivan Galberg. In 1941, a World War II bomb destroyed the middle part of the building. Since then, the treasury hasn’t been completely restored. In 1997 the building was handed over to the Museum of History which is now handling the restoration process. The architects plan to finish it by mid-spring of 2019.


Don't miss one of the last summer festivals in Saint-Petersburg! Leningradskie Mosty or Leningrad Bridges art&music festival will be held from 17th to 19th of August in Port Sevkabel.
The festival includes performances of Russian singers, Zumba master-classes, streetball tournaments, jenga and DJ sessions.
Port Sevkabel, where the festival is going to be held, is a brand-new event space, situated on Vasilievsky Island, in the former factory building. It also has a magnificent embankment with a stunning view on Finland Gulf - a perfect place for your new Instagram photo.

The entry is free of charge, so save the date!
17th-19th of August, 2018
Kozhevennaya Line of Vasilievsky Island, 40
Port Sevkabel
Doors open at 15:30.


Saint-P., I love you or “Piter, ya lyublyu tebya!” festival is going to be held this Saturday in St. Peter & Paul fortress on Petrogradskaya side of the city.
This festival is all about the megapolis in Neva, and includes performances from local artists & sportsmen, as well as a movie projection.

The weather forecast appears to look good for this weekend, so don’t miss your chance to take a closer look on locals’ life during this event! The entry is free of charge, doors open at 4 p.m.


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