Saint-Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport will receive an additional name in honor of either Alexander Nevsky, Peter the Great or Alexander Pushkin. These names are included in the shortlist of the final voting, published on the website "Great Names of Russia".

Russian citizens will vote for their favorite version from 12 to 30 November 2018, and the results will be summarized in early December. According to the "Great Names of Russia" project, additional names in honor of historical figures will be given to 45 airports in the country. Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg was also offered to be named in honor of the poet Joseph Brodsky, composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky and musician Sergey Shnurov.


On November 16 and 17, the second forum-festival, named "Jazz Across Borders" will be held in St. Petersburg. The event is organized within the International Cultural Forum which is happenning in Saint-Petersburg this week.

Jazz Across Borders will include panel discussions, round tables, master classes, an exhibition of the jazz industry, as well as a show-case festival, at which musicians will perform before music industry professionals.

In addition, scheduled performances in urban jazz clubs and a gala concert with the participation of headliners: Patti Austin, Igor Butman and the Moscow Jazz Orchestra. are planned. The event will be held at the Mariinsky Theatre on November 17, tickets available.


New Holland Island's Pavilion Building "David Bowie. Rock’n’roll with me" photo exhibition is opened. 

Jeff McCormack, the author of the photographs, is one of David Bowie's closest friends, who in the 1970s accompanied him on tour as a backing vocalist, dancer and percussionist, and has also participated in recordings of six albums.

The exhibition will show more than 70 photos and a documentary film by Bowie and McCormack, called "The Long Way Home", which was filmed during Bowie's trip from Japan to Moscow - first on a ship and then on the train, the Trans-Siberian Express.

During the exhibition discussions and screenings of the films "David Bowie: The Last Five Years" and "The Man Who Fell to Earth." will also be held.


The Museum of Soviet Game Machines on Konyushennaya Square has opened the exhibition called “How Soviet childhood smells”. The exposition was prepared jointly with Russian Perfumery Guild.

15 reconstructed odors will be presented to visitors: from mint tooth powder and "Krya-Krya" shampoo to "Zvezdochka" balsam.

“These immaterial exhibits provide a unique opportunity for adults to restore forgotten impressions of childhood, and for children and tourists to get an idea of what Soviet families were like,” the organizers said.
The exhibition will be opened until November 27 during the opening hours of the museum. An entrance ticket costs 200 RUB.


Leningrad Oblast local authorities have now completed the construction of a new pier at the Oreshek fortress on Orekhoviy Island. The 90-meter dock was built in two months, the volume of investments in the project being around 60 mln RUB.

The pier will be able to welcome vessels with a capacity of up to 300 people starting from the spring of 2019. The ships will be running between the Oreshek fortress in the Leningrad region and the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg.

In addition, the authorities plan to launch night excursions around the Orekhoviy Island - to ensure passengers' safety during such trips, the fortification will be equipped with special lighting.
By the end of the year, a new pier will be opened in Kirishi. Earlier, a dock was also built in Staraya Ladoga, similar projects are being implemented in other cities around St.Petersburg.


Russian Museum has opened an exhibition dedicated to the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, which traces the existence of the image of Karl Marx in Russian culture and everyday life.. It includes more than 100 works of art and different household items, as well as documentary exhibits from the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition will be opened in Benois wing of the museum until 14th of January, 2019.

It is well known that Karl Marx was never in Russia. nevertheless, Russian art has created an extensive iconography of this person. At the beginning of the twentieth century Marx was being considered the virtual leader & the icon of the Russian revolution. His personality and ideas were the object of keen interest, sympathy, hopes for many representatives of the progressive creative intelligentsia. 

At the same time, the country of victorious Marxism makes Karl Marx one of its propaganda icons. The image of Marx becomes part of the Soviet everyday life. Powerful emissions of lottery production: badges, medals, postcards, posters, etc., accompanied the celebration of memorable milestones of the philosopher’s biography. 

In addition to exhibits from the collections of the Russian Museum, the exhibition includes items from the collection of the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (Moscow), the State Museum of Political History of Russia (St. Petersburg) and works from private collections and workshops of modern artists..<br>


Annenkirche, a Lutheran church on Kirochnaya street in Saint-Petersburg, has celebrated its 239-th birthday this weekend. On this day, a Christian cross has been installed on the temple's dome.
Funds for the creation and installation of a religious symbol were raised through a crowdfunding campaign. Pastor Evgeny Raskat and art director of the church, Svetlana Ivashkevich, have altogether collected around 0.5 million roubles.
The Bishop of the Church of Ingria, Arri Kugappi, took part in the ceremony of consecrating the cross. In addition, the Annenkirche held a festive concert, which was attended by such performers as Iowa, Malinen, Sweet Hot Jazz Band and other famous local musicians.

In 1939, the Annenkirche was closed and its cross was removed from the dome. The church has been refurbished into a cinema theater named "Spartak" by the Soviet rulers. In 2002, the building suffered from a big fire, after which it started being rebuilt by a creative team. Now, the object combines the functions of the church and that of an art space.


Saint-Petersburg's most well-known magazine, Sobaka.Ru, has summed up its annual award "Chto Gde Yest' v Peterburge" (What and Where to Eat in Saint-Petersburg). It is annually awarded to the best restaurants, cafes and dishes in the city.

In the Best New Restaurant category, the winner was "Birch", opened at the end of December 2017 on Kirochnaya Street. Ugryumochnaya was named "The Best New Bar". The owners of the estbalishment have opened their second bar on Liteiny prospekt earlier this Autumn. “The Best Shot Bar” was “Ryumochnaya v butylke" on the New Holland Island, “The Best Asian Restaurant” - "Made in China" on Bolshaya Morskaya street, and the “The Best Coffee in Town” is in the "DoubleB" coffeeshops chain.

“The Best Chef” of 2018 was Antonio Fresa from the "Jerome" restaurant, and the “Best Barman” was Artyom Peruk from the "El Copitas" bar, which became the first bar from St. Petersburg to be included in the list of the 50 best bars in the world. 

“The Healthiest Dish” was declared the sweet potato salad with quinoa and cucumber tahini from the "Brat" restaurant.
Voting was based on points awarded during closed tasting sessions throughout the last month and on online voting.


This weekend at Port Sevkabel, the Big Resale Weekend will be held - a city festival dedicated to conscious consumption in the fashion industry. Guests will learn how to extend the life of their old fashion items.

The organizers will hold charity sales, lectures on ethical consumption, round tables and workshops from designers working with vintage textiles.

There will be a market on the Port Sevkabel's territory, in which the best local commission shops, second-hands and independent sellers will take part.

The organizers promise to open collection centers for clothes from Nochlezhka and "Spasibo” projects, to provide guests with free shopping support from stylists, as well as to open an installation from the Institute of Street-Art Studies and a photo project called “Potreblenie” or "Consumption".

Admission is free, more info is available on the event's webpage.


Until the 28th of October shopping centre "Galeria" in the centre of Saint-Petersburg will host its 7th annual fashion week. This year, the hosts have selected “Urban Jungle” as the theme of the fashion week.

The program of the events will include fashion shows, a competition of local young designers, different lectures, master classes and concerts. 

New collections will be presented for the public by brands whose stores are opened in the shopping centre. Workshops and open meetings with guests will be held by industry professionals: Olga Stepanchenko, founder of the Self Made, Nelly Nedre, owner of Nnedre, Alina Herman, a fashion designer and other experts.

The organizers have also planned a competition for designers. Authors of the most successful entries will present their collections in the main atrium of the shopping Centre, the big prize for the winner being 100.000 rubles.

In addition, the complex will hold a modeling casting for children. Manizha, Iowa and the participants of the Russian version of the “Voice. Kids!" will perform for the visitors during this weekend. More info is available on shopping center’s website.


This December, two ice hockey matches at the football stadium “St. Petersburg” are being planned: a game between the national teams of Russia and Finland, as well as the meeting of the St. Petersburg SKA with CSKA Moscow.

“Now we are at the finish line. All details are under negotiation. As soon as everything is finally approved, we will announce it officially,” said the vice-president of the Russian Hockey Federation and the SKA hockey club, Roman Rotenberg.

According to him, a hockey box will be installed at the stadium, around which additional seats will appear. The organizers are counting on breaking the country's record for attendance at hockey matches.

The meeting of teams is scheduled for December 16, the clubs match will be held on December 22.


From October 20 to January 21, a temporary exhibition of works by Annie Leibovitz will be held at the General Staff Building of the Hermitage. Annie is a famous contemporary photographer who has been shooting for Rolling Stone, Vogue, Vanity Fair and other fashion magazines.

Leibovitz is known for portraits of politicians, showbusiness stars, cultural figures and other celebrities. She preferred to shoot models in a familiar interior for them. In 2011, the Hermitage has already organized a personal exhibition of the photographer.

Leibowitz had also donated nine of her works to the museum, including a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio, made at the Tayon ranch in California. These photos will be exhibited in the Room 349 on the third floor of the General Staff building.


ULKOtours’s evening activity “Russian Folk Show” has been awarded a special prize from one of the most important websites in the touristic industry. GetYourGuide has marked this experience as a special one for its customers.

Russian Folk Show at Nikolaevsky Palace happens nearly every evening and gets you inside the real Russian culture. Our guests always mention the good quality of buffet which includes traditional Russian snacks & drinks.


On October 5, the Hermitage Museum opened the exhibition named “Imperial Capitals: St. Petersburg - Vienna. Masterpieces of museum collections.“  The exhibition shows the development of Western-european painting from the Renaissance to the early neo-classicism.

This is a joint project of the Hermitage and the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna. Each museum exhibits fourteen paintings, which form pairs according to the similarity of the plots, the time of performance or belonging to one author.

Official message of the Hermitage says:

“The exposition is built on a comparison of the paintings that make up fourteen harmonious pairs. This principle allows the viewer understand the features of each collection and the masterpieces of painting presented in it. It also emphasizes the proximity of the two museums. ”

At the exhibition you can see works of Botticelli, Tintoretto, Rubens, Van Dyck. In addition, the exhibition shows paintings by two artists who haven’t been represented in the Hermitage before: Albrecht Altdorfer and Hans Holbein the Younger.

The exhibition will be opened to the public until January 13, 2019.


In the end of August in the south of St. Petersburg the second part of the shopping complex «Outlet Village Pulkovo» has been opened. Works have begun in the end of 2017, their cost was estimated at 22 million EUR. 

The total area of the complex has grown from 15.4 to 21.9 thousand square meters. Within a month, 20 new brands became residents of the shopping city: Guess Accessories, Tommy Hilfiger Accessories, Baon, Untziya and many others are now available for the customers.

By the end of 2018, the number of stores will increase to 124, and the pool of tenants will include such brands as KuchenLand, Wolford, New Balance, Timberland, Bork, Baldinini. By the end of the year, retail space will be filled by more than 90%, managers of the complex are saying.


Saint-Petersburg centrally located bar, El Copitas, has entered the top of the best bars in the world according to the World’s 50 Best Bars Ranking. Mexican-styled speak-easy project took the 39th place and became the first Saint-Petersburg food project to be shortlisted in this prize.

This semi-secret El Copitas was launched in 2015. In August of 2018, bartenders and co-owners of the bar, Artem Peruk, Igor Zernov and Nikolay Kiselev conducted a tour of Russia, visiting 11 cities in a month using a mobile bar on wheels, named "Margarita Express".

World’s 50 Best Bars is an international award that is awarded annually in London. The best bars are chosen by a vote of 500 industry representatives from 55 countries.


High-speed train "Lastochka" will be working on the route "Petersburg - Vyborg - Sortavala" and the mountain park Ruskeala, where the famous Marble Canyon is located. The opening of the route is planned in May of 2019.
Thus, regional authorities plan to make Karelia Republic more attractive for tourists, both Russian and foreign citizens. It is planned that the train will consist of five cars for 349 seats in total.
The marble canyon in Ruskeala is famous for the fact that the marble mined here was used for facing the St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Winter and Marble Palaces, the Mikhailovsky Castle, the Kazan Cathedral. Now an artificial canyon with an emerald lake is one of the main attractions of Karelia.
In August, high-speed trains were launched between Pskov and St. Petersburg.


The Russian Museum continues to present the key areas of Russian art within the framework of large-scale thematic expositions. Having already presented impressionism, neo-classicism and symbolism, the Museum has now produced a serious study of Russian expressionism and, more generally, its impact on the Russian avant-garde. The exhibition in the Benois Building shows about 350 works in a variety of genres: from classical painting to sculpture and engraving, covering the period from the 1900s to the 1930s. 

In addition to the most obvious names (Goncharov, Larionov, Kandinsky, Chagall, Filonov), there are now exposed the works of participants of prominent art associations of the early twentieth century: "Jack of diamonds", "Union of Youth", Donkey's Tail" and other.


St. Petersburg State University has launched SPbUOpen - a series of open scientific lectures that will be read by leading scientists from all around the world.
The first performance within the framework of the lecture hall was held on September 13. Japanese professor Kumiko Haba has described Russian-Japanese relations and Asian regionalism.

The next lecture will take place on September 20 on University Avenue, 35 in Peterhof. Fernando Castagnos, a specialist in the field of mathematical control theory, will present a talk about neuromorphic engineering - an attempt to simulate our brain's perception and representation of the external world.
Castagnos' talk will begin at 17:00, the lecture will be in English (with translation into Russian). Admission is free, preliminary registration is required.


St. Petersburg-based museum has now been ranked second in the top-10 museums list in our country. It is a great accomplishment for the newest museum on the list - Faberge museum has only been opened 5 years ago.

The project of creating a museum dedicated to the work of the great Russian jeweler Carl Faberge, arose from the cultural and historical Fund "Svjaz Vremen" when Viktor Vekselberg has bought the Faberge collection from Malcolm Forbes. Since then, the Fund has started to form a masterpiece collection of Russian decorative, applied and fine arts, which today includes more than 4000 exhibits.

The greatest value in the collection of the Faberge Museum are the nine Imperial Easter Eggs, created by Faberge himself for the last two Russian emperors. All of them are masterpieces of jewelry art, as well as unique historical pieces of art associated with the reign and personal life of Alexander III and Nicholas II.

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