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Customized private tour in Klaipeda

Make the most of your visit to Klaipeda with our fully customizable private tour. Choose what you want and when to se, and our expert managers will help you put together your perfect itinerary. Highly professional private tour guides, expert drivers and fast-track admission to museums will make your trip to Klaipeda a truly memorable one!


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  • Cormorant and Herons Colony
  • Curonian Spit
  • Juodkrantė
  • Klaipeda Old Castle Grounds
  • Klaipeda Old Town
  • Klaipeda Simon Dach Fountain
  • Klaipeda Theater Square
  • Nida Town
  • Palanga Amber Museum
  • Palanga City

The Curonian Spit is famous for its wildlife. There are the large great cormorant (2000 pairs) and grey heron (500 pairs) colonies west of Juodkrantė. It is believed that the herons have nested near Juodkrantė since 17th century, but the cormorants arrived only at the beginning of 19th century. The cormorants were exterminated at the end of the 19th century due to Prussian administration regulations and started to reappear only in the 1970s. 

20 min

The Curonian Spit is a 98-km-long, thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast. Its southern portion lies within Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia and its northern within southwestern Lithuania. The spit is famous for its massive sand dunes and "dancing trees," twisted by the wind force.

3 hours

Juodkrantė (Black Shore) is a quiet seaside resort village on the Curonian Spit. It is the second largest settlement on Lithuania's part of the spit. A large collection of wooden sculptures by various artists is displayed on the Hill of Witches. It's a sculpture park that has more than 70 wooden objects. Most of the figures are based on Lithuanian legends or folk tales. Another sculpture park houses 31 stone and metal sculptures created during an international symposium "Land and Water." The sculptures are located on the recently built quay, 2.4 km in length, along the lagoon shore. You shouldn't also miss a Museum of weathercocks, maintained by Daiva and Remigijus Žadeikiai.

1 hour

Klaipėda Castle, also known as Memelburg or Memel Castle, is an archeological site and museum housed in a castle built by the Teutonic Knights. The castle was first mentioned in written sources in 1252, and underwent numerous destructions and reconstructions in the centuries that followed. During the 19th century, having lost its strategic importance, the castle was demolished. Archeological work was performed at the site during the 20th century, and in 2002 a museum was established underneath one of its bastions. Currently, the castle is being restored. 

40 min

Klaipėda's Old Town is different from the rest of Lithuania since it has a lot of German and Scandinavian architecture. It is unique with its fachwerk architectural style, and the planned street structure can't be found in any other old town in Lithuania. Its streets are geometrically configured very correctly, and the angle of intersection is always straight. One of the most popular places in Klaipėda's old town is Theatre Square. It hosts a variety of concerts, the Sea Festival, the International Jazz Festival, and other events. In the square, you shouldn't miss the Tarawa Anike sculpture depicting a youthful barefoot girl. 

1 hour

Ann from Tharau fountain at the centre of the Theater square is the monument is dedicated to Simon Dach, a German poet who was born in Klaipėda and studied at Konigsberg University. Ann was a girl whom the poet fell in love with at first sight. However, she was engaged to another man. Simon Dach dedicated a poem to her and called it "Ann from Tharau", the poem is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The fountain with the sculpture of the girl and the bas-relief of the poet was created in 1912 by a sculptor from Berlin – Alfred Kune. 

10 min

One of most popular places in Klaipėda‘s old town is The Theatre Square. There is a sculpture of Ann from Tharau in the middle of the fountain at the centre of the square. The monument is dedicated to Simon Dach, a German poet who was born in Klaipėda and studied at Konigsberg University. Another notable building is the Drama Theatre. Since the 18th century, the theatre has played an important role in the cultural life of Klaipėda. The square hosts a variety of concerts, the Sea Festival, the International Jazz Festival and other events. 

20 min

Nida is a largest Curonian Spit town. The town is an upmarket holiday resort with a family focus. Since 2001, a jazz festival has been held every year. There are also interesting places to see nearby, including some of the highest sand dunes in Europe, a large sundial (which has been restored after being damaged by a Baltic gale), fisherman's ethnographic museum, gallery-museum of amber and a German Protestant (Evangelische) Brick Gothic church. The town is known for Nidden Kurenwimpel — German for "Curonian pennants" — ornate carved flags peculiar to local families resident on the Curonian Spit. The flags, replicas of which can be seen around Nida, feature animal and human figures as pictograms reminiscent of a pagan writing tradition. 

1 hour

The Palanga Amber Museum is located in the restored 19th-century Tiškevičiai Palace and is surrounded by the Palanga Botanical Garden. The museum's collection of amber numbers about 28,000 pieces, of which about 15,000 contain inclusions of insects, spiders, or plants. The Baltic sea coast is know for its large deposits of amber, so the many of exciting museum pieces come from just outside the museum door.

1 hour

Palanga is the main seaside resort town of Lithuania. It is famous for its wast beaches of sand. In the summer, a multitude of tourists visit Palanga, both for its beaches and to enjoy the maritime atmosphere as well as the local mineral waters. Jonas Basanavičius Street is a pedestrian thoroughfare during the high season. There are dozens of restaurants, bars, rides, and other forms of entertainment. The Amber Museum is open to the public, as are as the museum's extensive botanical gardens. Anaičiai Ethnographic Cemetery holds a collection of 19th- and early 20th-century graves. In the Sculptures Garden, one can find 28 contemporary Art statues by artists from Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

1 hour

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